Cherubim is Loki's powerful puppet.


A grotesque looking automaton that looked like several steel sheets had been crunched together to form a humanoid appearance. (If one word was used to describe it, it would be “Painful”). Thorn-like protrusions covered its body, which were covered with multiple thin edges. The whole body is metallic, giving it a wholly artificial looking existence. Instead of hands, two large blades were set in place. The blades were roughly the length of Yaya’s height. This was probably a blade that relied on its heavy weight to force its way through objects. And eight short swords flying like a missile from the back. Based on appearance alone, his one defining trait was heaviness. He generated the image of a car which weighed in the region of a hundred kilograms or more, something whose rampage would be impossible to control.

Powers and Abilities

He possess the "hot air operation (Jet)" magic circuit, converged hot air to which can even cut through Yaya as well while using her steel like defense. Can be moved by using a Jet of air, and to slip the ground. Can also be transformed into a giant sword, swing by magic, and can aboard to fly above. The "Angel" series are automatons developed by a different research laboratory. On a one-to-one comparison, it far surpasses the combat ability of the "Garm" series. Because it’s made up of inorganic components, it’s easy and straightforward to maintain. The only problem is that the cost to produce it is high, and it’s difficult to control. Its a very raw, close to a wooden puppet type of automaton. Only an extremely skilled puppeteer can handle it. If a puppeteer wanted it to perform complicated maneuvers, he would need a very delicate sense of control. Independent action didn’t seem to be one of the strong points of its software. There is an automatic protection feature called "Barrier of Swords", eight short swords floating in mid-air; with the operator in the heart of it, slowly rotating around the operator, a barrier that automatically attacked any intruder that came within its zone of control. He was created by D-Works as a model for the "Angel Type" automatons.