Character Type:

Dragon(previous), Bandoll


Charllotte Belew

Family Members:


Was once a living Dragon

Hair color


Voiced by:

Jouji Nakata



Sigmund ( シグムント? )   is Charllotte Belew's puppet, codename Tyrant Rex. He is a Bandoll made from a true dragon's body. Most of the time, he stays in his minimised form (as shown in the picture) but during battles he turns into a huge gray dragon and has the ability to use "Gram"  (Note: unsure of this translation), a power that can destroy anything and can be use to cause mass destruction or like a scalpel for precision work it is like a miniature linear accelerator of magical particles .  

Sigmund was a true dragon before he became a puppet , when he was captured by the Belew clan and transformed into an automation with with the gram magical circuit over 150 years ago , he now can change into two forms , a miniature form were when he perches on Charlotte's hat or shoulders . His second form is his original full size form and is roughly the size of a T.[1] Rex which is where Charlotte's code name comes from .When transform full size form he can be ridden like a steed and is often seen with Charlotte on her back . He has scales like armour , four wings like a dragon fly and a long tail like a T.rex  


Raster Cannon

Magical Dragon Roar is another name for Raster Cannon and is an intense stream of magic particles[2].

Raster Scalpel is a sustained surgical strike of raster cannon. 

Raster Flare

Raster Flare consists of magic particles that formed in the Gram and appear with an intense glow and leave his body in the form of solid projectiles like a smart munition striking the target with out fail[3].

Mounted Flight


  • Since Sigmund is a live BanDoll, he needs to constantly eat meat in order to sustain him, and damsels are now off the menu.
  • When Sigmund uses beam attacks parts under his neck and belly radiate a magical glow from the Gram. [4]
  • Sigmund is over a century and a half old.[5][6]
  • His food of choice is chicken, Charlotte threatens to feed him dog food or corn when he back talks to her instead of it.
  • Sigmund is considered a Belew family heirloom.


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